Christmas Photography in Budapest

Christmas Photography in the
most beautiful studios of Budapest,
or even in your home

I look forward to seeing you again this year as part of a Christmas Photography Budapest ‘s most beautiful studios,
November 5 – December 21
between, so that festive photos can be taken of you in a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere in the quality and style I am used to.


Christmas photoshoots last 1 hour (there is no mini 20-minute package) so that you have time to relax in the photoshoot, discover the details of the beautifully decorated studio, while more and more beautiful photos are taken of you.


In addition to a lasting memory, you often make a gift from the completed photos, so within 2 working days you will have the post-processed, retouched, high-resolution photos uploaded to the web gallery,
so there are sure to be photo surprises under the Christmas tree.


I always strive to make photography a good experience! In my pictures, I capture your unique moments, hugs, snuggles, kisses, smiles, games, all the while helping you to forget about photography.


You can choose from the most beautiful studios in Budapest as the location for the photo shoot.
which you can view through the pictures and links below, so that you can decide on the one you like best. (Industrial, Lightroom, S-LUX)
If you understandably find your own home more comfortable for a photo shoot,
of course it is also possible

Let’s agree on booking the studios in time,
so you don’t miss the most ideal time!

Bence Pányoki – photographer
+36 30 949 2747

S-LUX STUDIO – 1047 Budapest, Perényi Zsigmond utca 16. 2

Karácsonyi fotózás - Budapest - Leone terem

Karácsonyi fotózás - Budapest - Perla terem - Christmas Photography Budapest

Karácsonyi fotózás - Budapest - Mimosa terem - Christmas Photography Budapest


Bence Pányoki – photographer
+36 30 949 2747

NDUSTRIAL STÚDIÓ – 1117 Budapest, Galvani u. 6.

Karácsonyi fotózás - Budapest - Tiara terem

Karácsonyi fotózás - Budapest - Sorelle terem - Christmas Photography Budapest

Karácsonyi fotózás - Budapest - Xsite terem

If you have found your favorite, contact me,
so that we can reserve the best time!

Bence Pányoki – fotográfus
+36 30 949 2747

LIGHTROOM STÚDIÓ – 1047 Budapest, Károlyi István u. 10.

Karácsony Budapest - Cream terem

Karácsonyi fotózás - Budapest - Bali terem

Karácsonyi fotózás - Budapest - Barokk teremFotózás - Budapest - Fancy terem - Christmas Photography Budapest

Karácsony Budapest - Koa terem - Christmas Photography Budapest

The price and what it includes

1-hour Christmas photography 40.000 HUF
+ room pass for the selected studio if you want it in a studio (9,000-13,000 HUF)

The price includes the transfer of at least 50 high-resolution, post-processed images online, in downloadable form,
through a private web gallery.

What’s next?

If you like my offer or if you have any questions, please contact me!
In order to make appointments and make reservations more efficiently by phone,
but we can also discuss the details by email (below).
Bence Pányoki – photographer
+36 30 949 2747

A taste of previous Christmas photo shoots

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Néhány hasznos tipp:

  • If you have arrived with a baby or small child, try to make an appointment so that he is not too sleepy or hungry.
    The chubby faces are also cute, but even cuter is the cheerful look with the lips reaching to the ears. 🤗
  • If you strive for harmony in the colors of your clothes, it makes a lot of difference in the pictures – you don’t have to dress exactly the same, it’s enough if there is a color that echoes somewhere in everyone’s clothes.
  • Make-up – it’s worth applying make-up even if you don’t use it on a daily basis.
    (I can help you with this recommendation)
  • It is worth making an appointment as soon as possible, because studio appointments are running out quickly 🫣

Bence Pányoki – photographer
+36 30 949 2747

Christmas Photography Budapest